Orangeburg Pipe and What We Can Do About It

Broken section of Orangeburg pipe from homeowners yard.
This is a broken portion of Orangeburg pipe taken from homeowners yard. Do you have Orangeburg pipe problems?

Orangeburg pipe has been a cause of concern for some time now, and rightly so.  The issues of Orangeburg pipe mainly stem from the physical makeup of the pipe itself. 

Made up of multiple layers of cellulose asbestos fiber paper, infused with tar.  This wood fiber, asbestos tar mix degrades over a short period of time.  The time period, mainly being reliant on the conditions the pipe is placed. 

The sanitation sewer environment is highly toxic and corrosive.  This is a harsh environment for even the best materials to withstand, let alone materials that are suspect from the start. These poisons are so bad, that when a sanitation line is placed near a well pipe, the impending leaks from the sanitation sewer can and IS disastrous with dire consequences.  This is the very reason municipal governments place restrictions on pipe type and placement to nearby water wells and other nearby water systems.

Issues that effect Orangeburg pipe consist of blistering of the pipe along with intrusions of the pipe from foreign objects such as tree roots and rock penetrations.

Root damaged Orangeburg pipe in homeowners yard.
Root damaged Orangeburg pipe collapsed from continual rooter cleaning. Get rid of Orangeburg pipe before it becomes a major headache or causes major damages to your home from the sewer backing up.

Orangeburg has a very serious issue when it comes to tree roots, or more specifically, tree roots intruding into the pipe itself.  An issue that effects the outlook of Orangeburg pipe is the constant rootering of the pipe when trying to clear clogs or cut tree roots from the pipe. 

Each time a rooter machine clears Orangeburg of a clog or tree root intrusion, the cutter heads on the rooter machine eats away the tar paper layers until it is paper thin. 

Eventually, the cutter head simply breaks through this substandard pipe and the sewer system is out of commission. Normally, when this happens, rock and dirt enter the pipe and the pipe collapses.  The cutter head makes it worse and tears at the flimsy pipe as the cleaning tech retrieves his or her cutting head.

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Tree roots have the ability to lift up very large concrete panels and sections of road asphalt.  Orangeburg pipe doesn’t stand a chance against a tree as witnessed by the picture below:

Photograph shows tree roots lifting sidewalk panel in residential neighborhood. Photo credit: Inland Trenchless Inc.
Orangeburg pipe doesn’t stand a chance against tree root intrusion. Look how these heavy sidewalk panels are no match for the forces from tree roots.

The roots of large shrubbery can also wreak havoc on Orangeburg pipe that is buried close to the surface.

Another area of concern is between the septic tank and the home.  There are instances where Orangeburg pipe has been used to connect to the septic tank and the pipe collapses from weight strain from above.  These are typically shallower areas where the pipe is buried and can be effected by heavy objects from above, such as automobiles or tractors.


Totally blocked Orangeburg pipe section. Image courtesy of Inland Trenchless Inc.
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